Mahi Gold

Mahi Gold is an American clothing store. This design started as a short personal project to create vector patterns of the textiles, and turned into a passion project to redesign the landing page and quick view shopping process . This design is thoroughly inspired by the brands lively, bold prints. Pairing the prints with a simplistic familiar design approach, communicates the beauty and intricacies of the patterns that define such an iconic brand.

The Objective
To create a reliable and trustworthy design that users will feel comfortable making online purchases on. Internet marketing is difficult and heavily relies on the quality of the design of a website to be successful.
The Goals
1) To use simplistic design aesthetics and strong imagery to create a unique landing page.
2) Create a seamless 'Quick View' shopping experience that the customer can trust.
3) For the customer to have a quality online shopping experience that communicates the values and the lifestyle of the Mahi Gold brand.
Brief Workflow Overview
Preliminary Sketches
Lo-Fi Wireframes
Mood Board
Visual Designs
The top of the landing page.
The Fresh Catches (New Arrivals) gallery.
Featured item, Men's Swim Trunks.
The hover state with the option to 'Quick View' the Monomoy Navy Trunks.
The expanded 'Quick View' with the selected size and hover state 'Add to Bag'.
Item has been added to bag! Decide to 'Continue Shopping' or "Proceed to Checkout'.
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