An application designed to be used in the comfort of your home while hosting a soirée, mixing up a classic refreshing drink, or to learn how to create a new drink. Swizzle generates and suggests cocktails based on your alcohol preferences and favorite flavors. Whether you like it sweet or sour, Swizzle is sure to mix up a specialty drink that you will love.

The Problem
There are not a lot of options for individuals who want relax with a drink, but don’t want all of those empty calories. Several people who are looking to live a more fit and more healthy lifestyle have to compromise on flavor when it comes to mixed drinks and the sugar and empty calories they contain.
Use Cases
Beth has her best friend's wedding coming up in 3 months. As the maid of honor, she is feeling the pressure. Her best friend, Carly, is the bride and has always been very health conscious. Beth told Carly she would partner diet with her for the wedding. That means cutting back on happy hour drinks with coworkers. Beth has recently made a habit of eating healthy meals, but for the next three months she wants to see even more progress. Next, cutting out empty calories from beer. Beth is looking for a substitute for her nightly beer with dinner, or her happy hour go to craft brew with something lighter and with fewer calories.
Adrian has an audition coming up in two months. Not just any audition, the biggest audition of his life. He recently just finished a musical where he had to gain weight to portray the athletic character he played. Adrian needs to lose the weight that he gained for his role before his audition. He doesn’t want to compromise his social life, and already eats healthy seeing that he is vegetarian. Adrian is a big mixed drink fan and frequents the Sugar Factory in the meatpacking district. Adrian needs to stop drinking the empty sugary calories and is willing to do pretty much anything to land this role.
The Objective
To create a go-to application for individuals who are health conscious and looking to try new custom beverages. Personalization will ensure that the user will have a unique experience with a functional, useful mixology application.
The Core Features & Functions
1) Application generates new beverages upon opening.
2) Ability to customize preferences.
3) The option to randomize the beverage selection.
4) Give the user the power to set a calorie limit for their beverages.
Content Flow Overview
Preliminary Sketches
Typographic Inspiration Board
Style Inspiration Board
Mood Board
Visual Designs
Swizzle Landing Page
Personal Taste Quiz. This quiz allows users to create a personalized experience custom to their lifestyle and preferences.
The Expanded Menu. Users can set a calorie count, set difficulty, or select 'Randomize Selection' to discover something new.
Featured Drink List. Users can see what is popular on Swizzle, and see what is new.
A full screen view of each selected drink based on their 'Personal Taste Quiz' results.
Users can scroll through their personalized drinks at the moment based on their settings and 'Personal Taste Quiz' results.
Several options are available for each user. When the user see a drink they would like to make, they can 'Mix It'.
Through unique typography and strong imagery, users are walked through the process to make their drink.
Each page highlights what ingredients are needed, and communicates how far along in the process the user is.
At the end of the 'Mix It' experience, the user has a fantastic drink, and the option to 'Save It!' to make it for another occasion.
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