TrakTag is a mobile application that allows the user to track their pets health through wearable technology and data visualization. The name tag that the pet wears tracks movement, location, and steps. It also features a microphone and speaker so the owner can communicate with their pet, or just say hi when they miss their pet.
Top Ten
This data visualization application studies the question, if a teams value effects their performance? Does wealth necessarily result in wins? Through this app the user can view the history of the NBA's top 10 teams from the past 5 years, and see how their value impacts their overall seasons winnings.
An application designed to be used in the comfort of your home while hosting a soirée, mixing up a classic refreshing drink, or to learn how to create a new drink. Swizzle generates and suggests cocktails based on your alcohol preferences and favorite flavors. Whether you like it sweet or sour, Swizzle is sure to mix up a specialty drink that you will love.
Mahi Gold
Mahi Gold is an American clothing store. This design started as a short personal project to create vector patterns of the textiles, and turned into a passion project to redesign the landing page and quick view shopping process . This design is thoroughly inspired by the brands lively, bold prints. Pairing the prints with a simplistic familiar design approach, communicates the beauty and intricacies of the patterns that define such an iconic brand.
RIT Events Calendar
This project is a redesign of the current Rochester Institute of Technology Events Calendar that's online. For this project, I focused on creating a site that doesn't look like a traditional informative calendar. I used images to build excitement about the events, and balanced it with minimal text.
Fine Arts Drawing & Painting
In my free time I like to practice my drawing and painting skills. I love working with subjects that have texture and natural beauty. My favorite medium to use is Oils Paints because it requires time, patients, and attention to detail.